Scandi interior design reflects the weather and culture of the North, which faces long and harsh periods of winter; therefore, having a comfortable home is essential. This style originated from the Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland in the 1950s. Decades later, it arrived in the UK and USA, and it was able to blend with the already existing interior design styles.

What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is a notable design trend that has impacted architecture and interior decor. It emerged from Scandinavia countries in the 20th century, and by the start of the 2000s, the style had spread around the world. This style is unique because it blends minimalism and functionality to bring its simple and cozy design. Scandinavian room decor favors airy and bright spaces that provide a marvelous serene.

Elements of Scandinavian Interior Design

Below are the main features of Scandinavian house interior design:

You don’t need a dark Scandinavian living room

Remember how winter is long and dark? The Scandinavian interior is painted mainly white to brighten the space. When other colors like orange are used, they are kept soft and understated to maintain the cohesiveness of the area. The room also has to be well lit, especially with natural light sources.

No need for a wall or floor carpet

When doing the floors, Scandinavian interior design does not require carpets. Instead, wood flooring is done throughout the house. Rugs or sheepskins may soften it. Not just any wood is used for this design; softwood like pine and ash are commonly used.

Clutter-free spaces

The traditional Scandinavian interior design did not allow for much stuff in a room because they were small. Homes nowadays are large, but when having a Scandinavian interior decor, the idea of maintaining a clutter-free space remains.

Plant something

Within a Scandinavian house interior, you can plant flowers and other botanicals to brighten your space and breathe life into the room.

Shop for new furniture

Scandinavian design furniture has to be sleek and modern. When looking for a living room Scandinavian design idea, you can opt for Danish furniture because they are marked by gentle lines, warm wood tones, tapered legs, and subtle curves. For more elements or tips visit: 

In conclusion

For style, comfort, and coziness, go for a Scandinavian home design. You can end up with a warm Scandinavian living room, while your wife will be glad to get a kitchen with a Scandinavian interior design. This style, therefore, combines beauty and practicality.