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Colour scheme:


Tweets Per Page:

How many tweets in your Home/Reply/Retweet timeline

Just leave it blank to disable auto refresh on timeline

Bandwidth Savings Options

Display Emoticons:

Convert smiley texts to funny emoticons (disable to save data bandwidth)

Action Icons:

Show action icons for Reply, RT, DM, etc (disable to save data bandwidth)

Display Avatar:

Disable to save data bandwidth

Checked to save data bandwidth

Tweet Options

Autotext Convertion:

Auto convert texts to Twitmania Autotext

External links go:

Google Web Transcoder (GWT) converts third-party sites into small, speedy pages suitable for older phones and people with less bandwidth.

Remove your @ on RT-ing:

When retweeting, change your username from @ to only

Default RT Syntax: RT [User]: [Content]

Tweets containing these words will be hidden from your timeline.

Add tags in your tweets

Time Options

Visit Reset if things go horribly wrong - it will log you out and clear all settings.

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